Date: 2009-09-07 04:53 am (UTC)
elf: Sea monkey family (Sea Monkeys)
From: [personal profile] elf
Tangential thought; not sure how well this connects:

There's a concept, implied rather than stated, by Unitarians and the like who preach "universal tolerance." It goes something like this:

Everyone is equally good, worthy, valuable. Everyone, barring their personal reactions to childhood traumas, bigotries, and privations, would be loving, kind, and gentle towards all other people at all times; therefore, we must help each other overcome the horrible scarring caused by all those unpleasant experiences. Further, we must help to prevent traumas, privilege-based oppressions, privations of body & spirit, because if we got rid of those, everybody would be wonderful all the time."

So far, so good. A bit bland, perhaps, but not outright oppressive. Until it gets to Part 2:

"All deviations from norm are the result of those childhood traumas. If we got rid of them, everybody would be happy [straight/bisexual/polyamorous/married/vegan/Christian/Pagan/ whatever the speaker thinks is "virtuous"], like me, and the world would be perfect."

The idea that "prevent all damages, oppressions and privations and the world will be better"--I can go for that. The followup concept that "only our damages make us unique and different; if we all had idyllic backgrounds, nobody would lust after people who weren't interested, everyone would love art and kittens and fishing on Sunday afternoons"... erm, no. I like our differences.

Too many of the "protect the CHILDRUNNNZ" propaganda-bits today sound like "we must make sure no more children grow up to have [undesired trait]."

There's the frightening concept that "everyone should be normal and happy" often means "everyone should be the same."
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